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I Know Chords

Song Title: I know 
Artist: Jude
Album: City Of Angels Soundtrack

   Csus2            Em7              G
[----0----]	[----0----]	[----3----]
[----3----]	[----3----]	[----3----]
[----0----]	[----0----]	[----0----]
[----2----]	[----2----]	[----0----]
[----3----]	[----2----]	[----2----]
[----0----]	[----0----]	[----3----]

     B               C	  	     A7
[----x----]	[----0----]     [----0----]
[----0----]	[----0----]	[----2----]
[----8----]	[----9----]	[----0----]
[----9----]	[---10----]	[----2----]
[----9----]	[---10----]	[----0----]
[----7----]	[----8----]	[----x----]

(Note: Csus2 may not include the E played on the D string)

Intro: Csus2   Em7    Csus2   G     (2X)

Csus2			     Em7
     Youíve got such a pretty smile.
Csus2				G
     Itís a shame the things you hide behind it. 
Csus2				Em7
     Let em go give it up for a while... 
Csus2			    G
     Let em free and we will both go find it. 

	B		      C
Chorus:		I know thereís no where you can hide it. 
	B		  C
		I know the feeling of alone. 
	B		       C
		I know that you do not feel invited, 
	B			   C		    A7
		But come back, come back in from the cold. 

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/jude/i_know_crd_ver_2.html ]
Csus2			  Em7
	Step away from the edge. 
Csus2				    G
	Your best friend in life is not your mirror. 
Csus2			  			Em7
	Back away come back away come back away... 
Csus2			    G
	I am here and I will be forever and ever and I... 

	B		      C
Chorus:		I know thereís no where you can hide it. 
	B		  C
		I know the feeling of alone. 
	B		          C
		Trust me and donít keep that on the inside.  
	B			     C		      A7
		Soon you...youíll be locked out on your own. 

Csus2		   A7      Csus2            A7
      Youíre not alone... 	Youíre not alone... 
	Csus2		       A7  	     Csus2		    A7 
And donít say youíve never been told. Iíll be with you till we grow old...
       Csus2		    A7       	    Csus2	       A7 
Till I, am old grown and Iím cold.. Iím not further beyond the grown... 
	Csus2		        A7 		Csus2		        A7 
Iíll be with you till we grow up young.. Like a dog you can always come home.. 
Pick up a bone.. Look around town baby down town, Darlin 
Donít throw me to the pound.. Yeah now bop ba baba ba .......

Csus2 (let ring till out)

** Another thing that I do is lead into the Csus2 chord with a quick slide from 
the single note B (second fret on A string).  
And as for the ending...  My gosh, how do you transcribe gibberish lyrics!!  
I can't garuntee the accuracy of the "Yeah now bop ba baba ba" part.  
Great song to learn and perform for your lover.

Anyway, enjoy!