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From: Claudia Morgan 
Subject: PRO: Girls_night_Out.cpm by The Judds
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 15:28:42 -0700

Artist Name: "The Judds"
Song Title: "Girls Night Out"
Type: "Chord Pro"
# Date: 4/6/98
# From: Claudia Morgan (morgan@wenet.net)
# Subject: GIRLS NIGHT OUT, by the Judds
# I was surprised not to find this song in OLGA, so I am (finally) contributing.
# This is a great song, especially if you use the riff I have included.
# Girls Night Out    Performed by The Judds "Why Not Me?" Album, track 7
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{t:Girls Night Out}
{st:The Judds}
{chord: E4sus 0 2 2 2 0 0 1}
{chord: E 0 2 2 1 0 0 1}
{chord: Em 0 2 2 0 0 0 1}
{comment:Key of F# -- Capo on 2}
{comment:Intro -- Play this riff throughout song where E is indicated}
[E]   [E4sus]       [E]   [Em]
{comment:Verse 1:}
[E]Friday finally came around, This girl's ready to paint the town
[E]Tonight ain't [D]nothing gonna slow me d[E]own
[E]I did my time workin' all week.  Tonight's all mine, tomorrow I'll sleep
W[A]anna hear a b[D]and with a country s[E]ound

[F#]Well I'be been cooped up all week long
[Ab]I've been working my f[A]ingers to the b[B]one
[E]Well, it's a girl's night out.  H[F#]oney, there ain't no doubt
I'm gonna d[B7]ance every dance til the boys go h[E]ome
[E]Well, it's my night to rock.  No w[F#]atchin' that old clock
Ain't no[B7] doubt, Lordy! It's a girl's night o[E]ut

{comment:Verse 2:}
[E]Two-step or cotton-eyed joe.  They can play 'em fast or they can play 'em slow
[A]I can do 'em all, just s[D]how me the f[E]loor
[E]You can give me a little rock n roll, or even a waltz with the lights down low
I'll still be da[A]ncin' when they c[D]lose the d[E]oor

{comment:Repeat chorus twice, then first verse to fade}