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[by Marty Stuart and ?; recorded by Wynonna Judd]
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/judd_wynonna/a_little_bit_of_love_tab.html ]
The main guitar riff for this song is kinda fun (and easy) to play;
I may not have it on exactly the same strings as they use, but the
notes are right...

  E               D       A
E --------------------------------|
B --------------------------------|  The pluses and minuses are time
G --------------------------------|  markers.  The ~ means bend the
D --------2-----0---0---0---------|  string.
A ----------2-------------4-0-----|
E 0---0-------0---------------3~--|
  +   -   +   -   +   -   +   -

The whole song has the chords E E D A, except for the following parts:

   A little bit of love
|D                   |A
   Makes you feel all right
|C                      |E  E  D  A |E  E  D  A | (etc.) 
   Gets you through the night

B                   |B 
   You got me shaking down through my knees
  |C#m                             |A7
   Baby don't you stop, I'm begging please, please, please