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Turn On Your Light Chords

tabbed by: shredder
Song:Turn on your light
Artist: Judas priest
album: Defenders of the faith (remastered)
year: 2001 (1984)

this song is a bonus studio track on the remastered version of the "Defenders of the faith album"


E E E E 


E                F#
why do i have to wait so long
C                  A           E
before you come into my life again

E  E

E                F#
seems as though forever until
C             A                 E
i can be here by your side till then


Pre chorus
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G                    C              D
i think you feel the same way too
G                    C              D
you know you make my dreams come true


              E    B  C    D
if youll just turn on your light
E             B       C           D
let me see it shining through the night

then just repeat the verse, pre chorus and chorus and then there is the bridge

Bridge (instrumental)
E F# G
E F# G 
E F# G
E F# G

play out

here is the second verse

when im far away from here
ill hold all the memories so clear
if only i have the choice
i would stay so let me hear your voice

there it is,,,enjoy it