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Sleepy Little Town Chords


D (2bars)
(D)Cops showed up at (Bm) eleven o six,
(G) with the FBI in their (A)black Crown Vics,
(D)They cuffed coach Martin with his(Bm) face in the ground,
(G)Neighbors say he got off a(A) couple of rounds.
(G)Hundred thousand dollars in an old suitcase,
(A)He had a greenhouse in his crawl space.
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(D)When the lights come on in a (Bm)sleepy little town,
(G)Their  ain’t no secrets when the (A)truth comes out,
(D)And everybody knows cause the (Bm)word gets round,
When the(G) lights come on in a (A)sleepy little townnn.
(D)WOh oh oh oh oh (Bm) who,oh oh oh oh, (G) Who oh oh oh oh(A)  (3)  (2+3 Sleepy little townnn)
(Rest of verses follow A progression as above:)

Stereo-typical preachers wife,
Everybody loved her, she was so nice,
Never told a soul bout the things he did,
‘till she took a bottle to the back of his head,
They say she simply told 911,
He deserved what I just done
(chorus) then break(chorus  no words)

Everybodys proud of Mary Lou,
Got as full ride to a private school,
Gonna be a doctor or a lawyer some day,
She’s Seventeen  and three months late,
We all thought that shed never been kissed, but
She doesnt know who the daddy is,
( Chorus)
WOh OH Oh Oh Oh…  sleepy little town… x3