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4 And 20 Chords

Intro: Bbmaj7          Gm7         Cm7         F7 (Bis)

Bbmaj7               Gm7
They say time waits for no man
Cm7                   F7
And neither does this woman
Bbmaj7            Gm7           Cm7               F7
I've been trying hard to understand what it will be
Bbmaj7               Gm7
Many words have come and gone and
Cm7                F7
Still I’m still holding on
Bbmaj7               Gm7              Cm7                F7
So if love remains we should be this crazy all this making me

D7               Gm7
I’ve been holding on
for way too long
I can’t go on

Bbmaj7       Gm7     Cm7      F7
You've got 4 and 20 hours
       Bbmaj7    Gm7    Cm7    F7  
Just one day to prove to me
       Bbmaj7    Gm7       Cm7      F7
That your love has got the power
To make me believe
Gm7                                 G7
Or take me where I wanna be
G7sus4  Cm7 (add2) Cm7  C7    F7
4        and     20      hours!

And that's me …that’s me

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day~ but hey
They've got nothing on the patience that its taking me to wait
See the stain on the hour glass that’s slipping through your hands
Every grain is starting to hurt from the hurt ?…burning from the chaffs

I've been holding on
For way too long
I can't go on
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You've got 4 and 20 hours
Just one day to prove to me
That your love has got the power
To make me believe
or take me where I wanna be
4 and 20 hours
Oh oo...and that's me


See every day I
I walk past my front door
And I’ve been wishing and hoping
That today is the day that you
You’re gonna, you’re gona smile in front of my face and tell me something
Something worth talking about
Tell me that you still love me and love aint gonna leave me

Same as verse…
Show it for me love
Show it for me now

Im gonna need something from you love
Im gonna need more than flowers

Bring me something real
Bring me something to talk about

Just make me believe in love
Make me believe that you’re the man for me baby

Woo bah bah bah bah

Make me believe it baby
Don’t leave me standing there by myself

Don’t leave me standing there
really love
I can’t stand it love 

At the end of the song, on the second last measure the orchestra plays two
chords: on first two parts of that measure  the F7sus4(9) chord and on part 3
 and 4 of that measure an F7 chord, then it goes to the last measure to Bb 
major chord…

Also you can play the notes G-A-Bb-B-C-D-Eb-E-F with over the chords G7sus4 
 Cm7 (add2) Cm7  C7    F7 at then of the Chorus, and notes C-D-Eb-F-G-A-Bb 
with the orchestra at the end of the song (these are the notes the violins 
play) or just harmonize them with thirds or whatever it may work. 

Note: I got the lyrics from another web page and it has many mistakes on it…
but they just work to play the chords over the song…if someone wants me to
 rectify lyrics, please send  the right ones to me…