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Today Chords

			     Today - Joshua Radin
Tabbed by: Fbtackle87

Tuning: Standard, Capo on 3

Intro (everything is relative to the capo): G, C, G, C,

Verse 1:
G              C
Shoelaces untied,
G           C
you can dry your eyes,
G        C   C/B   Am
perfect sha-dows alive
behind us 
C                 G          C  
this is the day i make you mine 
G          C
way your hair lies 
G          C
sometimes unrecognized 
G                 C   C/B Am
all the way from these to-day 
on a train 

G                          C
nothing to say if theres still time 
[ Tab from: ]
Em              C
but you are the one 
G                      C
i've been wating for today 
Em                C                          
and here comes the sun 
G                       C
that's been baiting on today 

Verse 2:
G                C
lately i've lost my tongue 
G             C
today you found the sun 
G   C  C/B  Am       D
oh no not long has grown 

C                G
well i thank god u came along 

Rept. Chorus

Am               D              G                C
you looked right through me when there was no one else 
Am             D            G      C
side beside you and there came myself 
G    C  G
today today 

**Guitar Solo** 

Rept. Chorus

Outro: Do the Intro, and end on C