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No Envy No Fear Chords

This is a great song. He wrote it as a song about songwriting, and how the best piece of 
he ever got was that when you're writing and performing songs, there are two things you 
overcome: fear of the crowd and of being exposed, and envy of other people's skills or talents.
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If you're doing a solo version, cut out the mandolin after the chorus and play these 
But I'd recommend getting a mandolinist, because that really makes the song.

Capo 4th

D   Bm   G   D

G   D

*The Bm might be A sometimes. If you play alone, it doesn't really matter, and frankly 
not playing chords, so it might be some blend as he picks various notes, but Bm sounds 
If you don't like it at a particular place, try A (major), but most of the times its Bm.