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How To Fall Chords

Given to me by Josh Wilson himself! :) any corrections? Email me at

Capo on the 8th fret

Intro  |   F    C   |    G    Am    |   F    C   |    C    G    |

           F                  C/E      F                C/E
It was prettier than poetry
                F                   C/E                F                C/E
The first time you said hello to me
           Am               G                  F       C
Call it crazy, call it meant to be
           Am                 G                 F      C
But it didnít take me long to see 

        Dm           Am           G
That you mean more than anyone
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Now Iím running in circles, 
Jumping over hurdles
G                                  Am
Working on a song to sing
Want to tell you how Iím feeling, 
C                      G       Am
Finding it hard to do
Cause I donít know how to say it, 
Donít know how youíll take it
G                               Am
Donít know how to fall in love
          F      C/E   G
But I want to learn with you

My friends say I should take it slow
But my dad says when you know, you know
So maybe Iíll just rent a car
And Iíll drive right back to where you are

Cause you mean more than anything

Repeat Chorus
               F C/E  Dm     C    G/B  Am  G
I never thought Iíd drop my guard
                G    Am G/B C  Dm  C/E   F
Then you broke into my clumsy heart