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Good Man Chords

Good Man -- Josh Ritter

"Animal Years" recording: standard tuning; Live shows: usually Capo II

I tabbed this version from numerous YouTube live videos, which clearly show 
Ritter's use of simple, high-necked chords that let the open e & B strings 
ring (contrary to other submittals for this song). Easier alternative chords 
for a fuller sound can be found at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

   E      B       A
e| 0      0       0
B| 0      0       0
G| 9      9       x
D| 9      9       7
A| 11     9       7
E| 0      11      9

Solo intro: E, B-A-B, B.   E-B-A, A, E.
Band's Intro: E, G#m-A-B.  E-B*-A, A, E.
(In band intro, G#m=466400, A=577600, B=799800)

E                                 B
These chords are old but we shake hands
A                                 B
'Cause I believe that they're the good guys
We can use all the help we can, 
So many minor chords outside 
I fell in love with the sound, 
Oh I love to sing along with you 
We got tunes we kicked around, 
We got a bucket that the tunes come through
[ Tab from: ]
E                B - A     -      B  
Babe we both had dry spells, hard times in bad 
E     -     B   -   A       A
Lands I'm a good man for ya, I'm a good man

E-B-A, A

E                                   B 
Last night there was a horse in the road
A                     B
I was twisting in the hairpin
My hands held on my mind let go
And back to you my heart went skipping
I found the inside of the road
Thought about the first time that I met you 
All those glances that we stole
Sometimes if you want them then you've got to 


E                            B
They shot a Western south of here
A                          B
They had him cornered in a canyon 
And even his horse had disappeared
They said it got run down by a bad, bad man 
You're not a good shot but I'm worse
And there's so much where we ain't been yet 
So swing up on this little horse
The only thing we'll hit is sunset 

Chorus/ instrumental

Repeat chorus, repeat "I'm a good man" several times

End E

Alternate (easier) progressions I came up with: 
E=022100 or 079900, B=024400 or 069900*, A=042200  
(* this alt. B fingering is played only after using the high-fretted E; use 
024400 after every A chord). Regardless of which way you play, your index 
finger does a lot of string mashing!