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20 Miles To Georgia Chords

So, no one else has tabbed this song yet and it's been driving me crazy. I
couldn't find one anywhere. So, after watching some videos of Kelley performing,
I took a stab at tabbing it out. Maybe it's not exact, but it sounds alright.

For the verse and chorus:

G, Am, F, C, G

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G             Am                    F                C             G       
Highway ride, on a cold dark night, and the sign says, 20 miles to georgia..

And so forth for the chorus...

For the breakdown, I usually play, 

Am, F, C... Then Am, F, G

Am        F       C      Am        F     G   Am     F       C      Am   
She never saw the world, she could never go, or any foreign shore, she 

      F     G
would never know

Then after that just back in to the chorus.