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>>>Josh Joplin Rulez<<<

*I love this song and i hope you enjoy.
*Although the chords are changed quickly its easy to pick up the rythem.
*After a couple of times listening to the song you will pick it up easy.

Gmaj       D  Gmaj       D
 I will not be, here forever,
Gmaj         D          Gmaj    D
 So i will not waste anytime,
Gmaj         D       Gmaj        D
 Just pick my head up, off the bar here,
Gmaj           D              Gmaj    D
 And by the next round i'll be fine
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Pre Chorus:
F      C       F     C
Spoken like a poety,
F         C         F         C
Whos just too drunk to know that,

         F         C            G
Everybody falls in small degrees,
         F         C            G
Everybody falls in small degrees,

Its gravity,
    F              C            G
				 Its gravity,

*The song basicly keeps this form the whole way through.

*For any questions or corrections PLEASE email me at:-

Figured by and yours sincerely Dale Bridgeman.