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No One To Share The Blame Chords

Verse 1:
    G#o              D
  I can count a hundred reasons why 
    G#o              D       ?
  99 and still be shy, Of a good excuse
       F#m                ?         
  for why your gone, the truth will burn you
            F#m                   G#o
  when you know your wrong, it's hard to face
         D              G#o                  D
  what you regret, so holding on was better then
        ?           F#m           ? 
  Living life or loosing you, I guess a liar can't
      F#m               D              E
  escape the truth, So why was I, So surprised.
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   A           F#m                D       
  You found a way, to finally get on with your life
             D#m                         A
  trade the lows from the highs you deserve, Now I'm
         F#m                       D          F
  all alone, with things I can't change, and No one to
    G              G#o-D x2 ?-F#m
  share the blame.
Verse 2: 
            G#o                    D             G#o
  Well I'm tired of feeling sorry for myself, paying rent
             D             ?                         F#m
  and this living hell, I guess it's time to start facing
           ?                     F#m               D
  facts Chances are your never coming back, What gives me
  the right, to keep up this fight.

Repeat Chorus

            G#o            D             E                
.......The blame for your pain, for the tears you've been crying
   F#m                            B                  D
  Can't undo what I did, there's no use denying, So why was I,
  So surprised.

Repeat Chorus

  G#o       D         ?      F#m
E| 4     E| 2      E| 2    E| 2
B| 3     B| 3      B| 2    B| 2
G| 4     G| 2      G| 4    G| 2
D| 0     D| 0      D| 4    D| 4
A|       A|        A| 4    A| 4
E|       E|        E| 2    E| 2