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Shes Like Texas Chords

Saw this played on YouTube by Waylon Wolf 
watched how he played it and tabbed it out for everyone.

  D                A      G
|-----------------------------------------| x2

D D Bm A G G x2

D                                   A
She's as free as bluebonnets in the summer
Bm                               G
She's as hot as the Padre Island sun
D                                   A
Most of the time, she's as warm and friendly
         Bm             A       G
Like the hills that surround Austin
[ Tab from: ]
She's as bright as the Dallas sky
She always holds her head up high
     Bm             A             G
She loves the company of her family
She has faith in God's greater plan
She trusts I'm a good man
    Bm              A            G
And that's why I'll always believe
G               A
She's like Texas
And she likes me

D D Bm A G G

D                                         A      
Her eyes are green like the trees in Nacadoches
Bm                     A             G
Her teeth are white as cotton in the fall
D                                       A
And when she laughs, you'll always take notice
Bm                 A                      G
'Cause her heart's charm will shine right through it all


Bm            A               G               A
Her moods can change like the weather out in Lubbock
Bm         A             G             A
But if you show her love, man she'll return it

G                   A
Oh, she's like Texas
                 (Pick INTRO, end with a D strum)
And she likes me