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Date: Sat, 9 May 1998 17:01:54 +0000
From: Andreas Nilsen 
Subject: j/joseph_martyn/

artist : Martyn Joseph
title : Dolphins make me cry
from the album : Being there

transcribed by : Olav B. Holm
submitted by : Andreas Nilsen

[Hm]    [F#m/a]   [G]   x4

[Hm]Don't know what the [F#m/A]world is gonna [G]do   [D/F#]
Or if we can get [Em9]off  the [Asus4]road that we're [A]on
There's ]Hm]hate in my brothers [F#m/A]eye but as the [G]time goes by
I get [A11]harder[A]

They say we [Hm]learn by our [F#m/A]mistakes and then we [G]carry on[D/F#]
Sometimes I'm not [Em9]sure, sometimes I'm not [Asus4]sure[A] 
There's no [Hm]brakes on this [F#m/A]car as it [G]roles down the 
My muscles are [Em9]straining, my [A11]foot's through the floor[A]
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Per[D/F#]haps that's [G]why, per[D/A]haps that's wh[Hm]y
I see the [F#m/A]dolphins and it m[Em7]akes me cr[Asus4]y[A]
As I [D/F#]look in your [G]eye, as I lo[D/A]ok in your e[Hm]ye
As the [G]time goes [D/F#]by, ma[Asus4]kes [A]me cry[D]   [G]  [D]  [A] 
[Hm]  [G] [D/F#]  [Em7]  [Asus4]  [a]

(Same chords as 1st verse for the next two verses)

Don't want to go to school anymore today
Because history keeps on repeating herself
She can't forgive she just licks all of her wounds
And sore is the day, and sore is the night

When I was a boy when I was growing up
Life was so simple then, life was so sweet
Now that I'm older I'm wise as a fool
I keep on breaking those golden, golden rules

[Hm]Did you ever touch the [F#m/A]loneliness of a br[G]oken man
[Hm]Did you ever see a [F#m/a]starving child d[G]ie
[Hm]Do we really do these things to one an[G]other
Do you see [Em9]why, d[A11]olphins make [a]me... [Hm]cry  [F#m/a]  [G] x2

[Em7]  [F#m7]  [G]  [a]  [Hm9]

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