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Autumn Leaves Chords

Autumn Leaves

Words & Music by Jacques Prevert & Joseph Kosma, 1950
English lyrics by Johnny Mercer
Recorded by Roger Williams, 1955 (#1 for 4 weeks)

 Em  Em9   Em     Am7   D7               GM7   G6
The  au - tumn leaves       drift by my window,

            Am6   B7               Em  Em9  Em
The autumn leaves     of red and gold.

Em  Em9   Em   Am7  D7               GM7      G6
I   see  your lips,      the summer kisses,
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                Am6   B7             Em
The sunburned hands       I used to hold.

  B+  Em   B7                        Em
Since you went away, the days grow long,

    Em7   Em  D7        D    D7     G
And soon I'll hear old win - ter's song;

     CdimIV   CdimI     B7      Em   Em9   Em
But I miss you most of all, my Dar - ling,

      A   Am7   B7               Em   Am7   Am6   Em(9)
When au - tumn leaves start to fall.