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Lovely Cost Chords

So yeah, this is my first tab/chord, don't 
be too hard on me but me and my friend 
figured it out and it's pretty easy....and 
I don't know the lyrics, so if there wrong, 
just say so. Comments welcome

(Listen to song for strum pattern) 
(/ means hammer on)

/A  /A   /D  /D  

****Verse 1****

/A                          /A
   I've been meaning to get back
                           /D         /D
Cause I knew they would hunt me down
/A                             /A
  Even friends sometimes attack
                        /D                /D
When they notice no one else is around

[ Tab from: ]
E                    E 
     Such a lovely cost
G                    D
    I only want to dance with you
E                        E
    And if you feel you're lost
G                        D             /D
    Remember I'll be finding you

***Verse 2****

/A                          /A
   And the speakers drink champagne?
                        /D                /D
And the judges are so drunk with glee
/A                         /A
   Lovers dancing in their glow?
                    /D                 /D
as the women face unto there need?


***Play the verse, no words****


and thats it....pretty easy, just listen to the 
song to hear the right words, cause mine are 
kinda wrong at some parts... and remember 
during the verse the chords are kinda 
hammered have fun and Rock On!