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In The Sun Chords

Hey, First Tab so bear with me. This is 100%. Other tabs are using the the right
key of chords, but not the exact ones. I play along with him from the Glatonsbury
promo video on youtube. Capo 3, standard tuning.


Em:       Cadd9:    Gmaj      Dsus4
e--3----  e--3----  e--3----  e--3----|
B--3----  B--3----  B--3----  B--3----|
G--0----  G--0----  G--0----  G--2----|
D--2----  D--2----  D--0----  D--0----|
A--2----  A--3----  A--2----  A--0----|
E--0----  E--X----  E--3----  E--2----|

**During the Cadd9, He always hammer ons the D string twice.**

***Every Em always starts one beat ahead of the lyrics***
In The Sun:

Em            Cadd9
I picture you In The Sun
Gmaj       Dsus4
Wondering, what went wrong
Em               Cadd9
And falling down on your knees
Gmaj        Dsus4
Asking for, Sympathy
Em                 Cadd9     Gmaj
And trying to find anything, You can feel
Dsus            Em
That you can believe in

Cadd9 Gmaj               Dsus
May    God's love be with you
Em    Cadd9
(Repeat "May God's... Always x2)
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Chords repeat until what he uses as the chorus...
Em             Cadd9
I know I would apologize
Gmaj        Dsus4
If I could, See your eyes
Em                  Cadd9
Cuz when you showed me myself, you know
Gmaj      Dsus4
I became, someone else
Em                   Cadd9
But I've been caught in between
Gmaj                 Dsus4
All you wish for and all you need
Em            Cadd9
I picture you fast asleep
Gmaj               Dsus4               Em
A nightmare comes, and you can't keep awake

May God's...Always (repeat x4)

(During the "chorus", he holds the Cadd9 for 2 measures, so wind out the "Find" when 
singing it)

Cadd9                 Gmaj
Cuz if I find... If I find my way
Dsus4           Cadd9
How much will I find?
(Repeat x2)

... will I Find You
Gmaj Dsus4
(Wind out the "You" for both the Gmaj and the Dsus4. Repeat x2)

Interlude, 4 measures

Em Cadd9 Gmaj Dsus4

Em              Cadd9    Gmaj
Oh I don't know anymore, what it's for
I'm not even sure
Em          Cadd9          Gmaj
If there is anyone, who is In The Sun
Can you help me to understand?
Em                   Cadd9
Cuz I've been caught in between
Gmaj                 Dsus4
All you wish for and all you need
Em                Cadd9      Gmaj           Dsus4    
   Em    Cadd9
Or maybe your not even sure, What it's for, anymore than me...

May God's love... Always (repeat x4)

Cuz if I find... How much will I find? (x2)

I'll find you, you... (repeatas many times asyou want until the end of the song. It ends 
on the Em or Gmaj but whatever works for you)

So thats it. Really easy, beautiful song. The chord changes are all placed on all the 
spots so there is no guessing.

So "May God's love be with you..." :)