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Ashes Everywhere Chords

Joseph Arthur  Ashes Everywhere

Im really bad at picking so I thought I would post
The chords to this song, He did it solo acoustic at
the concert and it was amazing! For the harmonica part
just play the verse chords. Enjoy!

Standard Tuning (CAPO 2)

G                    Em
I'll be silent in my solitude
G                         Em 
Can't find my smile or my gratitude 
C                  G
I'm afraid of what I might do 
C                                G
Cause there's no me if there's no me and you 
A                    C
I wish that I could open up your eyes
A                           C              C
To feel the sun that burned in your mind 
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G                      Em
I can't deal with what you have done
G                    Em
Reincarnate I wonder who I might become 
C                       G
With the potential of a loaded gun 
C                           G
I could be as fresh as hard bubble gum 
A                           C
I don't have nothing, now I want me some 
A                               C
First some of you, then some of everyone 

G                             Em
Oh darling since you've been away from me
G                               Em 
I know how the pins feel in the bowling alley 
C                              G
They say love is something you feel but never see 
C                       G
When I see you I firmly disagree 
A                              C
I'm just trying to be all that I can be 
A                             C                 C
Without destroying you now or joining the army 

G                          Em
Your ashes must be blowing everywhere 
G                                       Em
Cause I could still feel you and you're nowhere near 
C                                            G
And though you didn't say so I can tell that you still care 
C                               G
We could've had it all but then nothing is fair 
A                      C
I still think about washing your hair 
A                             C
I wish i could've washed away all of your despair