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If We Hold On Together Chords

Title: If We Hold On

Artist: Jordin Sparks

Chords By: Charlie Edsel Valera
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D                          A 
Donít lose your way, with each passing day
                     G     A
Youíre come so far Donít  throw it away
Bm        F#m   Bm             F#m
Live your story faith hope and glory
 G            D            A
Hold to the truth in your hearth
 Bm  F#m    Bm              F#m
Live believing dreams are for weeping
 G       D          A
Wonders are waiting to start

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D          A     E    A     
If we hold on together 
D          A           G    A 
I know I dreams will never die
D             F#m          Bm  G
Dream see us through to forer
D             A   D  Bm          D
Where clouds roll by for you and I 

Souls in the wind must learn how to bend
          G             A
Seek out a star hold on to the end
Bm     F#m  Bm          F#m       
Valley mountains there is a fountain 
G           D
washes our tears 
All or the way
  Bm     F#m      Bm       F#m
Birds are swaying someone is praying
  G            D             A
Please let us come home to stay(Repeat Refrain)