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Ordinary Scene Chords

Here is the song from Jordan Ross's "Black Swamp Teritory". Enjoy

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Through Coldwater on a broke down road
Heinz 57 on his old sleeve coat
Emin                                A
Down the 29 and off to the rodeo
50 dollar bill will buy a 10 gallon hat
All remember when it never cost that
Emin                                                        A
They seem to go up but they leave us on the ground
Emin                                                        A
They followed him in, but they never made a sound
The only place he knew
Where no one ever goes
The last parking space
By the dried sink-hole
He left his final mark
        G                        D
And the blood run down his nose
The last place they looked
        G                        D
Where everyone never goes
Emin                        C        G        D
The demons took him, right or wrong
The bishop always sings the song
He had it cominí to his soul
Emin                C                  G    D    C....
They left it by the side of the road
Combing through his life
Say itís pretty clean
Never met a man who
Loved the ordinary scene
But how could he be
The one laid out on the green
Never had a lover or an enemy
Lived straight and true, joined the rotary
Who would have the right to send him to his knees?
Have you ever seen this man baby, come on tell me please
Finally found a note maybe 3 years old
Tells about his dealings, how to sell a soul
And sorry for the time he never went and told
The neighbors and the cousins and the daughters that he stole
Chorus, then:
Amin                C        G                D
Demons never tell, you best come clean
Cominí through the woodwork
Find your dreams
Chorus, then:
Mothers need to sing their song
Tell their children right from wrong
The world is better after all