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Children Of Divorce Chords

Jonny Craig
"Children of Divorce"
A Dream Is A Question You Dont Know How To Answer
comes out aug. 18, go get that shit :D

tabbed by:middaysilence

tunning is standard..
i think.. im playing it off my acoustic,
i could be tunned a halfstep down..
play with the song, it shouldnt be hard to figure out..

and heres the lyrics too, i know theyre not 
right perfectly in sync with the song,
but its close enough

 Em     G     Dsus4  C
   Cadd9  F#/G   Am


Em                Cadd9               G
And back to these cold shitty days in Portland. 

            F#/G                    Em
Wishing I'd never come across your face. 

               Cadd9              G
Plagued by the memories of things unspoken.  

           F#/G                 Em
Scared by thoughts of your father. 

                      Cadd9         G  
Made me look over the flaws of your nature. 
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               F#/G                   Em 
Laying on your back became your only escape.

             Cadd9                     G
You feel so old, used, but not yet broken.  

          F#/G                   Cadd9
Enough to thing you have it all together. 

I never planned to carry your burdens.
Cadd9              Dsus4      
But this child was a mistake. 


G                         Dsus4            Am    
I knew from the moment i stepped off that plane,

we had no future. 

G             Cadd9                Am      
How come your dreams are always so bitter?.  

And who knows,
        G    Cadd9   Am
maybe oneday, 

she will know my name. 

Verse (you know its kinda the same thing)

You still return to the same skylines, 
that leave you broken. 
Cheap talks with even cheaper company. 
Keeps the days turning into nights. 
You lay awake crying cause your child, 
carries my name while i regret ever making you apart of my life. 
Sadly enough, 
this song's not to hurt you, 
just to show the world that I'm free.