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Electricity Chords

Electricity: Joni Mitchell
Tabbed by Robin Young

>>TUNING: GGDGBD<< (tune low E string down to G, not up.)

Am7: X2201X
F6/G: 003210
G1: 00000X
G2: 005030
Gmaj7: 000434
G6sus2,4: 000212
G7: 003000
G7sus4: 003010

G1  G7sus4       Am7
The mi- - nus is love-less,
   G2          G7sus4
He talks to the      land
G1            Am7
And the leaves   fall
And the pond over-ices.

    G1             Am7
She dont know the sys-tem, plus
G6sus2,4         Gmaj7
She      dont un- - -derstand
          G2            G7sus4    G1  Am7
Shes got all the wrong fu- - ses and spli-ces
      G2        G7sus4      G1 Am7
Shes not gonna fix   it up        too easy.

G1  G7sus4         Am7
The mask- ing tape tan-gles,
     G2              G7sus4
Its stic-ky and black.   And
G1  Am7
The cop-per
Proud headed Queen      Lizzie
    G1           Am7
Con-ducts little char-ges
     G6sus2,4    Gmaj7
That dont   get charged back.
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          G         G7sus4  G        Am7
Well, the technical man- - -u- -als bus-y
      G         G7sus4     G1   Am7
Shes not gonna fix   it up  too   easy.

        G             G7sus4
And she holds out her flash- light
    G1  Am7
And she shines it on me.
    G2          G7sus4
She wants me to tell  her
G1       Am7
What the trouble might be.

Well, Im learning
Its peaceful
       G6sus2,4        Gmaj7
With a good    dog and some  trees,
       G2             G7sus4
Out of touch with the break- down
G1          Am7
Of this cen-tury
        G2        G7sus4      G1
They're not gonna fix   it up
    Too easy

G1  G7sus4  G1  Am7  G1
G2  G1  G7sus4  G1
Am7  G7sus4
G1  Am7  G6sus2,4  Gmaj7
G2  G7sus4  G1  Am7

We once loved - together
And we floodlit that time
Input  output  electricity
But the lines overloaded
And the sparks started flying
And the loose wires
Were lashing out at me
She's not gonna fix it up
Too easy
But she hold out her candle
And she shines it in
And she begs him to show her
How to fix it again
While the song that he sang her
To soothe her to sleep
Runs all through her circuits

    Like a heartbeat
      G2        G7sus4       G1  Am7
She's not gonna fix   it up
    F6/G  G7
Too eas- - -y

ending: F6/G  G7 (repeat until fade)