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(The Corvette Song)   The One I Loved Back Then

As performed by  George Jones

Submitted by Dan Nicholas
Arnprior, Ontario, Canada

(The Corvette Song)   The One I Loved Back Then

D                                       G             D
I stopped off at the quicksack for some beer & cigarettes
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     G                 D                          A
This old man took my money as he stared at my Corvette

    D                                      G
He said, I had one just like her son, a 1963

          D               A                  D          
Til' the man down at the bank took her from me


I had one that was hotter than a two dollar pistol

               G             D
she was the fastest thing around

G                    D
Long and lean every young man's dream 

She turned every head in town

She was built in from the handles

Son, I'm glad that you walked in

                      D       A         D  
She reminds me of the one I loved back then

D                                        A               D 
Well I handed him my keys and said, here take her for a spin

    G                      D                               A
The old man scratched his head, then he looked at me and grinned

         D                                               G
He said son you just don't understand it ain't the car I want

                           D          A       D  
It's the brunette in your vette that turns me on

repeat chorus:
repeat last line of chorus: