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Goodnight And Goodbye Chords

it's mainly power chords...but the E chord is not...just try to get the tune of 
the song coz i don't think i put the chords right in the lyrics.. but it's a great tab..

chords used:

A                            D
This has been no walk in the park
               C             Bm  E
I feel like we have fallen apart
A                            D
Open up your eyes girl and see how wonderful
C             Bm   E
This love could be

Chorus: F
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Hold on tight
E                      A
Itís a roller coaster ride we're on so
Say goodbye
E                    A
Cause I won't be back again
D      C           G
Up and down you're all around
A                 E
Say goodnight and goodbye

(same chords)
You say you didnít mean to break my heart
But girl you did but Iím over it
Adieu to you and all your games
And all you crazy friends
This is the end


Well girl
     Am         C
Iím sorry for disappointing you
But Iím done
With being up and down and pushed around
No more


hope you'll like it... ^^