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October Chords

Intro: C

     F                         Am          F         C
On a day just like this on the ocean, four years ago now.
    F                        Am                        F
The wind was too strong, the waves were too big, three young men 
were thrown of the bow
    Gm                           F                       G7
And I was at home when they were fighting towards mother earth
    Am                    Em                       Fsus4 - F
And two of them died only twenty years after their birth
In October, oh
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And the last of the three was left hopelessly crying for help
The wind was screaming but the silence was stronger as he stood with 
his feet in the kelp
The sun was still up, but it was night time when I heard who died
I only knew Eric 'cause one time he gave me a ride
In October, oh

Now, I didn't know him well, but I liked him, he was one of those guys
That everyone knew either liked him or not, 'cause there were no sign 
of lies in his eyes
I was seventeen years old the last time he spoke to me
Now I'm twenty one and I'm older than he'll ever be
In October, oh

My father is his mothers cousin, so that makes us kin
I remember those family dinners, and the old peoples funerals again 
and again
So strange looking 'round in the crowd when he wouldn't be found
Oh, the look on the face of his brother when they lowered him down
In October, oh

October is the best, turns roads into beautiful trails
The rime on the windows, the leafs on your coat, the frost on the cars 
and the rails
Still, out on the ocean, those memories are bringing me down
But I've heard there's a symphony playing you to sleep when you drown
October, again and again

/Daniel Seides