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Knock Yourself Out Chords

Author/Artist: Jon Brion
Title: Knock Yourself Out
Album: I Heart Huckabees
Transcribed by: James Veitch
Please send me any corrections or additions

G-320003       Em-022000      B7-x21202
D-000232       C-032010       Am-002210
B7/D#-x01202   Cdim-x01212    Em-022000
Am7-002010     Gsus4-320013

Note: I saw Jon play this live the other 
     day at a record store appearance.
     He played this capo'd at the 5th, it
     sounds really good on a single acoustic but
     I'm pretty sure this is how its played
     on the soundtrack.  Let me know if
     anyone disagrees.

G     Gsus4 G

G     Em    B7

C     D     G     C     G     C

Verse 1:
G             Em  B7
its something unattainable
C              D    G          C
that you can't live without
G           Em  B7
and now the unexplainable
Am      C            D         B7/D#
has you riddled with doubt

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Chorus 1:
       Em            B7
things begin, things decay
Am7        C             Cdim
and you've got to find a way -- to be ok
G          Em      B7
but if you want to spend the day
C         D            G        C
wonderin' what its all about
C            D        G    
go and knock yourself out

G     Em    B7

C     D     G     C

G     Em    B7

Am    C     D     B7/D#

Chorus 2:
          Em          B7
why we're put in this mess
Am7   C      Cdim
is anybody's guess
              G                Em     B7
it might be a test or it might not be anything
          C  D     G     C
you need to worry about
C             D        G     C
but if you're still in doubt
C            D        G     
go and knock yourself out

G     Em    B7

C     D     G     C


Its very easy, if need be you can replace
the B7/D# with a Cdim (its basically the same thing).
Good luck all.