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Love Is
Join The Club
Standard tuning EADGBE

Kayo n bhala sa timing ng chords

intro: Bm-G-D-A

Silence I keep
I still got no time I need
Is it too much
For me to ask you out

This travel takes so long
Why I canít be so strong
Love me
Hate me
Or live this life with me
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G-G/F#m 2x-C
Love is:
Whatís keeping me this solitaire
Someday I wish that I can find you there 
And still
Waiting for a brand new day
Whatís keeping me from causing this pain

Itís just a feeling I know
Cause Iím alone on my own
I canít be wrong in this song
Itís just a feeling I know

thanks kay biboy sa chords na to n nkuha ko lng via txt msg sa kanya..