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Philo Manitoba Chords

Philo Manitoba
By Will Johnson
From Murder of Tides  
Capo on 1st fret 

(G)Philo Manitoba just (D)sat outside today (G-C-G)
(G)Setting fire to his legs until he (D)burned himself away (G-C-G)
To the (C )confusion of the (G)crowd
He was (C )laughing right out (G)loud
We’re (Em)not a(D)bout to know (C )
What (Em)prompted (D)such a (C )show?
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Saw his sister at the aftermath and she did have to say
Drank a gasoline and phosphate at 4:00PM today
She tried to give him all her help
Until he soon transformed himself
Into a human bomb
A real, live human bomb

All the reporters and photographers came from far and wide
Only to find that they were speechless and, for once, their tongues were tied
I never heard a silence fall
Like when his mother got the call
At 4:08, today
Her son had gone away