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Inaudible Melodies Tab

Jack Johnson
Inaudible Melodies

h = hammer-on       p = pull-off       ^ = bend       / = slide up

As usual, you're gonna have to listen to the song to figure out the rythm and some minor details, but this is the best I'm willing to spend time on.  :-P

The intro:
Play this line once...

     F#               C#    Eb                Bb    B                Bb    G#
e --2-2-2h4p2---2----4-----6-6-6h9p6---6-----6-----7-7-7h10h7--------6-----4--
B --4---------2------6-----7---------7-------6-----7----------7------6-----4--
G --4----------------6-----8-----------------7-----8------------8----7-----5--
D --3----------------6-----8-----------------8-----9-----------------8-----6--
A --2----------------4-----6-----------------8-----9-----------------8-----6--
E --2----------------------------------------6-----7-----------------6-----4--

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Then repeat this line a few times...

                             B   A                                 B   A

but the last time you repeat it, instead of playing B and A, just hit B once and hold it.  Then go into the verse.

The verse and chorus are just a blues progression in F# (with some muting for effect):

    F#    B     C#
e --2-----2-----4--
B --2-----4-----6--
G --3-----4-----6--
D --4-----4-----6--
A --4-----2-----4--
E --2--------------