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Under Your Spell Again Chords

[]Under Your Spell Again:
Johnny Rivers.


You've got me under your spell again, 

sayin' those things again,

[G]                                [D]
making me believe that you're just mine.

You got me scheming those schemes again,

dreamin' those dreams again,

     [G]            [D]                  [C]   [G]
I've got to take you back just one more



[G]                           [D]
I swore the last time that you put me down,

that I wouldn't see you if you came around,
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                    [G7]         [C]
but I can't tell my heart what's right or wrong,

     [D]                             [C]         [G]
and, girl, I've been so lonely since you've been gone.




[G]                         [D]
Everybody tells me that I'm just a fool,

and that I never should have put my faith in you,

                    [G7]          [C]
and way down deep inside, girl, I know it's true,

    [D]                              [C]     [G]
but no one else can make me feel the way you do.




A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.