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Never Tried Chords

Never Tried
By Johnny Respect
Tabbed By Wade Martin

Intro:  C   G   A   E (2x)
        F   C   G   G

C(pm)   G(pm)   A(pm)       E(pm)
Looking back at who I was I think
   F(pm)            C(pm)          G(pm)
of how its affected me and now I'm stained
     C(pm)       G(pm)         A(pm)        E(pm)
With all my ugly flaws my body started crumbling
      F(pm)        C(pm)                 G(pm)
and I realize this isn't who I wanted to be

A            E            A                D
Thru all my tears and in all my screams I wait
      F                 C           G
And I hope that it will all just go away
A          E            A                 D
  My heart pounds and I swear from all my dreams
        F               C                G
And I'm learning that I cannot stay this way

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C(pm)    G(pm)      A(pm)       E(pm)
  I fall down on my knees and I cry
   F(pm)                  C(pm)               G(pm)
My heart is broken I will lift my eyes to the sky
C(pm)        G(pm)              A(pm)      E(pm)
  God please forgive me cause I never even tried
     F(pm)               C(pm)           G(pm)
I've seen what you could do but I walked away

A               E             A                D
  You loved You cared and You died and gave to me
  F               C          G
A free will but I never even tried
A       E                    A                 D
  Now I know what's right my soul it needs You most
        F                  C                      G
and the things I cherished before I know they are real

I feel His power in me His Holy Spirit I can see
This world I live in now it means nothing to me
C	  G		 A		    E
I look at who I am today   God has forgiven me
    F		    C		      G 
The freedom that He gives has made me whole

Guitar solo:
    A   E   A   D
    F   C   G
    A   E   A   D
    F   C   G      C