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By Johnny Respect
Tabbed By Wade Martin

        D(pm)                A(pm)
I was wrong so please listen up
        B(pm)                    A(pm)                G(pm)
You're building up walls and I know it makes you feel tough
               D(pm)              A(pm)
Believe it or not I was trying to help
       B(pm)               A(pm)            G
I was doing my best but I know I didn't do well

CH. 1:

         D            A                 G
When we fight and I raise my voice at you
       D           A                 G
Are we arguing so we can't hear the words?
          D            A               G
I feel as if I'm all alone no one by my side
        A		(stop)
But I know (but I know) why you're in my life

D-A-E*-G*-F#* (4X)

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         D              A
A loose tongue cuts so deep
   B                    A                    G
I leave it there even though I cause you to weep
        D               A
My big mouth causes a stir
     B                 A                G
She loses respect for me I lose it for her

         D             A              G
Foolish words cause a mound of my distrust
          D                  A                   G
Or so we really think that things might not work out
                   D                          A               G
Cause we're born again by a love that's much deeper and much wider
But I know (but I know) why you're in my life

D-A-E*-G*-F#*  (4X)

(CH 1)
D-A-E*-G*-F#*  (4X)

Note: this is a great song from a great Christian punk band.  Spread the love of Jesus Christ through message and music!