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Glory Chords

Verse 1:

D              E            G                A       
God You are my God, There's no-one else like You
D                    E         G             C    A   
You gladly gave your blood, to bring back to yo--ou
D                E       G                A       
I will sing Your praise, I will lift Your name
       D               E       G                A
I will gladly give you all, to see your kingdom reign

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G                               D                        Em             
And I won't be ashamed when I lift up Your name to let all the world see
You are the King, (x2)

            D     E   G        A
We give You glory,    glory to You
            D     E   G        C  A
We give You glory,    glory to Yo-ou 

Verse 2:
D            E        G           A
Death is overcome, forgiven is my sin
D            E          G          C  A
Heaven is my home, you welcomed me ii-nn
D               E         G                   A
I can't wait to hear, the saints join in one song
       D                E          G            A
As we praise the loving Son, who's given us His all