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Where I Need To Be Chords

Hello everyone!!This is one of my favorite song from Platinum Hits that Johnny 
Marnell wrote. This is my first time posting up chords, so take it easy. I beleive 
these are not the chords that Johnny Marnell use, but its similar. If you can 
correct my mistake plz comment me TY! :)

Standard Tuning: EADGBe

Inrto C, Em, C, Em
I'm only getting by 

It's like I'm in between

         Am     G       F
too much ordinary scenery
Rip up my road map

I'm all I'm looking for

      Am             G           F#/D
I say goodbye to the why now I'm out the door
      F             G          C  Em  Am
Oh, my stride don't break over broken lines
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       F           G           C   Em    Am 
and my heart beats faster than speeds on signs.

       F   G
I made my escape
   C  Em   Am
I'm riding free

    F     G                C
I'm going where I need to be
I'll just let those tire tracks talk dirt behind my back
as the pavement sings my bravery
Those rusted red lights
heat up the red in me
Can't keep me from the man I'm making me.

(Repeat Chorus) 
Dm                       Am   
I'm so done with playing same

                  F#/D               F
cities marking my escape from laying comfortable

Dm                        Am
Taking snapshots of right now

One day they might show me how I got there

    F          G        C Em Am
But maybe I'll find out

(Repeat Chorus) 

F       G               C
This is where I need to be.