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Ridin The Rails Chords

Hello, I could not find these chords anywhere so I figured it out with my brother 
teacher) and we came up with this!

By the way this is a song on a Documentary hosted by Johnny Cash called "Ridin' The Rails"

Well if you hear the song, he also plays the bassnotes on the C-acord so its like this;
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So when you play a "C" you use the thumb to hit the A-snare, stroke down, than the 
(but your ring finger goes also to the "E") the rest stays a "C" than stroke upwards and than 
(Same story in F, NOT in F/G!!)
HAVE FUN!!! (hope its a bit clear to ya folks!) If you really dont understand it, dont 
to e-mail;
It sounds better without a guitar-pick!

Intro; C, C, F, C, G,

Ridin' the rails
Ridin' the rails
F                                    C
Wheels of steel again rollin' through
G                                    C
pullin' cars for passengers like you
F             G                      C
Everybody all ride the train
F             G                      C
Get on board there outward bound again
Ridin' the rails
Dm            G
Ridin' the rails
Ridin' the rails