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Meet Me In Heaven Chords

Meet me in heaven -- johnny cash

Capo at 4

Verse 1:
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we saw houses falling from the sky
          G                          D 
where the mountains lean down to the sand
       G                             D
we saw blackbirds circling 'round an old castle keep
      D                                A
and i stood on the cliff and held your hand
we walked troubles brooding wind swept hills
       G                              D
and we loved and we laughed the pain away
       G                            D            G
at the end of the journey, when our last song is sung
         D          A          D
will you meet me in heaven someday

G                        C        G
Cant be sure of how it's going to be
        G             C                G
when we walk into the light across the bar
    G                 C           G
but i'll know you and you'll know me
    G       C        D
out there beyond the stars