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It Was Jesus Chords

D							A
Well a man walked down by Galilee so the Holy Book does say
D			    G		             D       A       D
And a great multitude was gathered there without a thing to eat for days
D								A  
Up stepped a little boy with the basket please take it Lord he said
D				 G			D	     A         D
And with just a five loaves and two little fishes five thousand had fish and bread

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             G					D
Who was it everybody (it was Jesus) who was it everybody (it was Jesus)
  	     G					N/A
Who was it everybody (it was Jesus) it was Jesus Christ our Lord

Now pay close attention little children it's somebody you ought to know
It's all about a man that walked on earth nearly two thousand years ago
Well he healed the sick and afflicted it and he raised 'em from the dead
Then they nailed him on an old rugged cross and put thorns on his head

Who was it everybody...
Well they took him down and they buried him and after the third day
When they came to his tomb where they knew he was gone
Cause the stone was rolled away
He's not here for he is risen the angel of the Lord then said
And when they saw him walking with these nail-scared hands
They knew he came back from the dead
Who was it everybody...

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