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It Takes One To Know Me Chords

This is the song with capo on the third fret.

Intro: G 


G                             Em 
It's true that I used to be crazy 
    C                        D 
and harder to love than most men 
        G          Em                          G          Em
but the blood that ran through these tired old hands
    C                      D
was harder and wilder back then 

and I don't feel as tall as I used to 
maybe it's just that you've grown
you're the one that held my hand when I fell 
when I just couldn't make it alone 
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C                      G         
I've lived out all the stories
C                G
sang all the old songs 
   C            G
It takes one to know me 
C D                G
I guess you're the one 

Verse 2 

My daughters are ladies of fortune
My son is an heir to the throne 
and this crown that I hold is
tarnished and cold
but it's a symbol of all that I own
sometimes i wish i was younger 
and could pick up the peices and run 
but then i look back on the matter of fact
and it's a race that i've already won


Repeat chorus 

End on a G