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It Comes And Goes Chords

Song: It Comes And Goes
Artist: Johnny Cash
Album: Gone Girl
Words and music by: J.R. Cash
Tuning: Standard
Capo: No capo

I first heard this on the documentary "Johnny Cash's America", and thought it was 
a wonderful song, and was amazed to find that no website has got the chords of 
this song. So here they are.

 A                 D                A
I've been up, and down and out, and I have been around,
     E                                        A
And I've felt good more times than I've felt bad.
 A                D               A
Lovin' you felt better than I've ever known before,
 E                                     A
Losin' you's the worst pain that I've had.

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N.C               E                            A
But it comes and goes, it's like a blue wind blows,
                  E                        A
Yes it goes and comes, but now I'm livin' some.
              D                                 A
And today my high didn't get any lower, and my low didn't fall anymore,
         E                                  A
But sometimes when I drop my guard everybody kno-ows.
Cos I can't control the feeling, 
And there ain't much sign of healin'.
     E                               A    E
Cos when the pain is there, it always sho-ows,
But it comes and goes.

In my mind I'm holding you and loving you again,
I hear you laugh and I feel you cling to me.
Although it's over I'm still holding on a little bit,
And there's a lot of pain in the memory.


                          The Man In Black