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Hurt Tab

The intro and verse to the song includes the three chords Am, C and Dsus2, playing each note of the chords, like this:

    Am      C        Dsus2

for the intro, repeat this twice.
continue throughout the verse, i have put the relevant chords above the lyrics.

Verse 1

Am    C      Dsus2   Am
   I hurt myself to-day,

    C     Dsus2    Am
To see if I still feel.

   C     Dsus2         Am
I focused     on the pain,

      C  Dsus2         Am
The only thing that's real.

     C      Dsus2     Am
The needle tears a hole

     C     Dsus2    Am
The old fa-miliar sting

        C      Dsus2        Am
Try to kill it,      all a-way

         C       Dsus2 G G G G (just strum)
But I re-member every-thing.
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~~~~for the chorus, strum G without the high G note on the E string, Am, C and Fadd9 which is 003213, except again without the top G note on the E string, so 003210. The high G note is continued throughout the chorus, gradually getting louder, put this should be played on the piano, because it really nackers your little finger if you try it on guitar.~~~~~~ got that?

G= 320000
Fadd9= 003210


Am   Am  Am Am Fadd9 X5 C (very quietly, except C)
What have I be-come?

C    C  C    G
My sweetest friend?

Am Am Am  Am Fadd9 X3
Every-one I know

Fadd9 X2 C C C   C  G G G G
Goes a-way,  in the end.

G    Am  Am    Am  Am Fadd9 (louder)
And you could have it all:

G   G G   G   G   G G G
My empire of dirt,

Am Am   Am  Am  Fadd9 X4 (LOUD)
I will let you down, 

G G     G    G   Am ( Gs loud, Am quiet)
I will make you hurt.

~~~~~same as verse 1 for the second verse, and same for the chorus, except for the 'If I could start a-again...' bit, continue the Am, Fadd9, G sequence really, REALLY loudly.

Thank you, and goodnight.