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Fool Chords

Intro: G - G - G - G 

 G                         G7       C             Cm
Fool, don't let you feelings show, Fool, or every-one will know
               G         Em
That your the fool, Who let her go
           A                        D
Cause you knew, she'd be back, Whenever you said so

 G                   G7         C                  Cm
Fool, she's found someone new, Fool, he knew just what to do
           G              D             C - G 
Now she's gone, And the jokes on you, Fool

 G                       G7           C                         Cm
Have you ever, seen her look so lovely, And doesn't she seem to be so happy
          G                 Em                        A             D
As right now she's walking down the aisle, And all you can do, is cry inside you

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 G                  G7                   C               Cm               G
Fool, that could be you there with her, Fool, now it's you who'll miss her
                            D                   C - G 
Don't look as he lifts the veil to kiss her, Fool

Lead Ride: G - G7 - C - Cm - G - D - C - G - G#

 G#                  G#7             C#             C#m
Fool, don't let them see your face, Fool, for every-one who says
                 G#         Fm
That you're the fool, Who walked away
          A#                D#
And said you'd pickup, Where you left off someday

 G#               G#7                  C#               C#m               G#
Fool, that's what you get for saying, Fool, look at the price you're paying
                       D#             C#       C#m        G#
And once I heard, that I was saying, Fool .... Fool .... Fool