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Trance Manual Chords

Artist: John Vanderslice
Song: Trance Manual
Album: Pixel Revolt
Tabbed by: Don Tago

Standard Tuning

Intro: C G C G G D

C          G
cross the palisade
C        G
at the holiday inn
C                    G
see the mujahidin barricades
G      D
just walk right through
C          G
past the bullhorns
G         D
and sleepy 47s
[ Tab from: ]
C             G
right by the coalition guards
  C         G            F#/D        C  
I’m in the back of the second floor basement
      C        G
I’ll have my editors
    G          D
arrange for payment

C        G
come to me now
C        G  F#/D      C
you are warming weather
C        G
come to me now
the kind that comes with
  G F#/D   C         G    C   G
sandbags along the river