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Passage West Chords

  Am               C
I met my love in Passage west
The sun was sinking down to rest
The river to the stars confessed
‘Twas the dark haired woman I loved best

We wandered down by the Chapel Square
And there was magic in the air
And Mother Nature gently pressed
The burning river to her breast

I offered her a golden ring
My hand, my heart and everything
I offered her a sweet love nest
By the flowing banks of Passage West
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                          C                         G
Chorus; Oh love will you go, will you go, will you go?
                   Am                            F                
Or love will you stay, will you stay, will you stay? x2

We watched the ferry come and go
We watched the river ebb and flow
The tide breathe in, the tide breathe out
We watched the Passage flowers grow

The ghostly forms of the hungry years
In sad procession did appear
With hope and sorrow made their way
For their passage west to Amerikay


The famine queen stood tall and proud
On either bank the people bowed
From Passage West came a Fenian yell
Rule Brittania, rule in hell!

The grass grows green on the other side
And mighty ships sail out the tide
To far flung harbours across the sea
Far away from Passage, my love and me

Chorus, verse 1, end