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Younger Generation Chords

Younger Generation
John Sebastian (1967)

I re-transcribed this because the version on here is wrong. This is a very simple song, 
so, so, so, great.

          C                            D7
Why must every generation think their folks are square?
        G                                      C
And no matter where their heads are they know Moms aint there?
C                                           D7
Cause I swore when I was small that I'd remember when
   G                             C
I knew whats wrong with them that I was smaller then.

   C                            D7
Determined to remember all the cardinal rules,
      G                                 C
Like sun showers are legal grounds for cutting school.
   C                           D7
I know I have forgotten maybe one or two,
       D7           G               C
And I hope that I recall them all before the baby's due,
       D7       G                   C
And I know hell have a question or two.

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        F   G        C            E-
Like ``Hey Pop, can I go ride my Zoom?
           A-          G                C         E-
``It goes two hundred miles an hour suspended on balloons.
       F           G               C               E-
``And can I put a droplet of this new stuff on my tongue,
        A-                                D7
``And imagine frothing dragons while you sit and wreck your lungs?
     C            G             A-              D7   
And I must be permissive, understanding of the younger generation.

C                             D7
Then I;ll know that all Ive learned my kid assumes,
     G                              C
And all my deepest worries must be his cartoons,
     C                        D7
And still Ill try to tell him all the things Ive done
                 G              C
Related to what he can do when he becomes a man,
     D7             G                     C
And still hell stick his fingers in the fan.

       F    G       C                E-
And ``Hey, Pop, my girlfriends only three,
        A-       G               C          E-
``Shes got her own videophone and shes taking L.S.D.,
       F                G                    C             E-
``And now that were best friends she wants to give a bit to me.
       F              F7
``But whats the matter Daddy, how come youre turning green?
          D7                      G
``Can it be that you cant live up to your dreams?

This is a GREAT song, especially if you're able to get ahold of the live woodstock version.