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 Artist:  John Prine
 Title:  Souvenirs

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          G                   C
 All the snow has turned to water
 D                           G
 Christmas day has come and gone
 Broken toys and faded colors
 D                             G
 Are all that's left to linger on
 G                          C
 I hate graveyards and old pawnshops
 D                         G
 For they always bring me tears
 G                          C
 Can't forgive the way they rob me
 D                        G
 Of my childhoood souvenirs

 D                        G
 Memories, they can't be boughten
       D                             G
 They can't be won at carnivals for free
 D                     G
 It took me years, to get those souvenirs
       C                                    D
 And I don't know how they slipped away from me

 Broken hearts and dirty windows
 Make life difficult to see
 That's why last night and this morning
 Always look the same to me

 I hate reading old love letters
 For they always bring me tears
 Can't forgive the way they rob me
 Of my sweetheart souvenirs

 (repeat chorus)

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