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Late John Garfield Blues Chords

	      Late John Garfield Blues - John Prine

Tabbed by: Dave S.

Tuning: Standard

Artist: John Prine
Album: Diamonds in the Rough
Year: 1972 

      G             G7
Black faces pressed against the glass
      C                     G
Where rain has pressed it's weight
G                     G7
Wind blown scarves in top down cars
    A                 D
All share one western trait
C       D             G
Sadness leaks through tear-stained cheeks
     B7                  C
From winos to dime-store Jews
C              B/C       G
Probably don't know they give me
      D7                 G
These late John Garfield blues

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G                G7
Midnight fell on Franklin Street
        C                   G
And the lamppost bulbs were broke
G                     G7
For the life of me, I could not see
      A                 D
But I heard a brand new joke
    C        D        G  
Two men were standing upon a bridge
    B7                      C
One jumped and screamed you lose
         C        B/C     G
And just left the odd man holding
      D7                 G
Those late John Garfield blues

An old man sleeps with his conscience at night
Young kids sleep with their dreams
While the mentally ill sit perfectly still
And live through life's in-betweens

    G                 G7
I'm going away to the last resort
   C                G
In week or two real soon
G                             G7
Where the fish don't bite but once a night
       A                 D
By the cold light of the moon
    C      D          G
The horses scream the nightmares dream
        B7                C
And the dead men all wear shoes
      C    B/C    G
Cause everybody's dancin
      D7                 G
Those late John Garfield blues


    G     G7    C    B/C    A     D    D7     B7