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Everybody Chords

			  Everybody - John Prine

Tabbed by: Dave S.

Tuning: Standard

Artist: John Prine
Album: Diamonds in the Rough
Year: 1972

C   G   D   G

While out sailing on the ocean
          C              G
While out sailing on the sea
I bumped into the Saviour
    A              D
And He said pardon me
I said Jesus you look tired
        C           G
He said Jesus so do you,
C                    D               G 
Sit down son Cause I got some fat to chew

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G                        C                  G
Everybody needs somebody that they can talk to
G                                 A                D
Someone to open up their ears And let that trouble through
    G                               C                  G
Now you don't have to sympathize Or care what they may do
    C         G              D                  G    C  G  D  G
But everybody needs somebody that they can talk to

Well he spoke to me of morality
    C                G
Starvation, pain and sin
Matter of fact the whole dang time
       A               D
I only got a few words in
But I won't squawck Let 'em talk
          C                G
Hell it's been a long long time
    C                 G
And any friend that's been turned down
   D                       G
Is bound to be a friend of mine

(Repeat chorus)

Now we sat there for an hour or two
     C                  G
Just eatin' that Gospel pie
When around the bend come a terrible wind
    A                 D
And lightning lit the sky
He said so long son I gotta run
     C                      G
Appreciate you listening to me
      C                   G
And I believe I heard him sing these words
      D                      G
As he skipped out across the sea

(Repeat chorus)