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Billy The Bum Chords

		        Billy the Bum - John Prine

Tabbed by: Dave S.

Tuning: Standard

Artist: John Prine
Album: Diamonds in the Rough
Year: 1972

Bb  F  
F   C  F

F                                                         C
Billy the bum lived by the thumb and sang of the hobo's delight
He'd prove he could run twice as fast as the sun
By losing his shadow at night
Now he loved every girl in this curly headed world
But no one will know it seems
    Bb                     F
For two twisted legs and a childhood disease
     C                       F
Left Billy just a bum in his dreams

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    Bb            F             C               F
And he was just a gentle boy, A real florescent light
      Bb                F                                   C
Cried pennies on Sunday morning, Laughs nickels on Saturday night
         F                                                     Bb
And your bullets they can't harm him Nor your knives tear him apart
            F              C                F
Humiliation killed him God bless his little heart

Now he lived all alone In a run down home
         F                        C
Near the side of the old railroad track
Where the trains used to run Carrying freight by the ton
And blow the whistle as Billy'd wave back
But the children around Billy's home town
          F                      Bb
Seemed to have nothin' better to do
     Bb                              F
Then run around his house With their tongues from their mouth
         C                       F
And make fun of that cripped old fool

(Repeat chorus)

Now some folks they wait And some folks they pray
For Jesus to rise up again, But none of these folks
In their holy cloaks Ever took Billy on as a friend
For pity's a crime And it ain't worth a dime
To a person who's really in need
     Bb                       F
Just treat em the same As you would your own name
     C                              F
Next time that your heart starts to bleed