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Date: Sun, 24 Dec 1995 18:27:53 -0500
Subject: TAB: All The Best by John Prine

Here's John Prine's All The Best from the album The Missing Years.
This is my first attempt at writing tablature, so please forgive
any mistakes.

John Prine was on the Larry King radio show several years back.
This transcription is based on that night's solo performance of
All The Best.  I chose that version because it was easier to hear
his guitar.  For the most part, it matches The Missing Years.

A couple of comments about the song.  First, standard open chord
fingerings for D, A, and E are all used, but the main trick to
this song is a variation of an open A chord followed by a hammer-on
which forms the next chord, a D with an A bass (D/A).

  A      ->    D/A

------        ------
         1             1
------        ------
XO111X   2    X0 1 x   2
------        ------
         3        2    3
------        ------
         4      3      4
------        ------

Next, fingerpicking.  If you're new to this, you might want to
practice by playing various patterns while going through a few
chord changes.  If you haven't yet learned to fingerpick, it's
well worth the effort.  A nice thing about fingerpicking is that
you can fret strings that aren't really part of a chord if you
find that convenient.  Just avoid sounding those strings when
you're fingerpicking.  A good example is the alternate A and D/A
fingering above.  I fret the high-E at the third fret (as part of
the index finger barre), but don't pick that string.

The tab will pretty much show you the notes, but there are a
number of places where you'll need to rely on your ears for
timing.  There are several parts, such as the hammer-on chord
transition, that have kind of a roll feel to them.  I think
all the notes are there, but you'll need your ears for the
phrasing.  In this song, I pick all of the notes on the low-E, A,
and D strings with my thumb.  My index finger picks the notes on
the G string, my middle finger picks B string notes and my ring
finger gets the notes on the high-E.  That's just a suggestion,
and you may find it easier to do it differently.

This song is really not all that hard once you learn it.  It's
one of the few I can usually play all the way through without
messing up.  Standard tuning, capo on the third fret to match the
album (second fret for the Larry King performance), and the tab
is relative to the capo.  I put the chords at the top of the tab
to help with the left hand fingering.  Also, I marked a note (in
a couple of places) with an asterisk.  While learning the song,
it might help you to think of that note as starting a 5-note
phrase.  It definitely helped me when I was first trying to
figure out the song.

That's about it.  If some parts don't sound right to your ears,
you may want to leave out or add a note or two.  Also, the A to
D/A hammer-on part might make your left hand cramp at first.  It
takes some time, but if you stick with it, it'll eventually stop.

(Capo at 3rd fret)

Intro (very similar to verse):

      A                                    D/A      A

                  D/A      A                    E

      A     D/A   A



   Well, I
   wish you   love                       and       happiness

               A              D/A      A

                           I     guess I wish  you             all
[ Tab from: ]
   D/A      A                                         E

the         best           And I wish that you

            A     D/A   A                             D/A      A

don't do like I do                           and ever      fall  in

                           D/A         A

       love with          someone like          you

                     E                          A     D/A

  Cause if
  you fell                                like I   did

  NC     D                                         A (standard)

             you'd prob'ly walk around the block like a little


   kid                         Ah, but kids don't  know

   E                                               A     D/A   A

 they can only guess                             how    hard it  is

                           D/A      A

         to    wish  you   happi    ness

               E                    A     D/A   A


I wish you love and happiness
I guess I wish you all the best
I wish you don't do like I do
And ever fall in love with someone like you
Cause if you fell just like I did
You'd probably walk around the block like a little kid
But kids don't know they can only guess
How hard it is to wish you happiness

I guess that love is like a Christmas card
You decorate a tree you throw it in the yard
It decays and dies and the snowmen melt
Well I once knew love I knew how love felt
Yeah I knew love love knew me
When I walked love walked with me
And I got no hate and I got no pride
Well I got some much love that I cannot hide

Say you drive a Chevy say you drive a Ford
You say you drive around the town till you just get bored
Then you change your mind for something else to do
And your heart gets bored with your mind and it changes you
Well it's a doggone shame and it's an awful mess
I wish you love I wish you happiness
I wish you love I wish you happiness
I guess I wish you all the best

Thanks to Peggy for the request and to OLGA for the inspiration.
If you have any comments, improvements, suggestions, etc., please
e-mail me at